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Detergents&Household products

Hygiene and cleanliness are very important. They do not only influence the environment in which we run our day-to-day activities, but also our psyche.

Royal-R products

Detergents distribution

we distribute detergents&household products all over the country, supplying the biggest wholesalers, retail distributors and chain stores.




Our range of products include top brands powder and liquid detergents, liquid tabs detergents, household items such as cleaning products, toilet cleaners, dishwashing, air fresheners, furniture cleaners and polishers, bleachers and many others.

Products quality

We value the quality and customer experience with our products, which we always want to be a positive one, which is why the range of cleaning products that we distribute is of high quality standards, belonging to well-known brands in the field.

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Additionally, promptness when it comes to deliveries adds value to our relationship with the customers, all at optimum times.

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