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Personal care products

We distribute a variety of cosmetics and personal care products, ranging from professional and custom-made cosmetics to natural organic cosmetics and make-up products.

Royal-R Products

Chemical products distribution

Most of the demands we fulfill in the distribution of cosmetics are for beauty salons, pharmacies, online stores or street shops, drugstores and chain stores.




We know that cosmetics are at great demand, because everyone likes to be as clean and neat as possible and to have a pleasant look in front of the others. This is why we aim to always diversify the range of cosmetics we provide and also bring new elements to the market, always respecting the highest quality standards.

Products for beauty salons

Also, with a trusted partner like Royal-R, beauty salons have nothing to worry about because we distribute professional cosmetics. Our range of products for cosmetic salons is made up of hair dyes, hair care treatments and solutions, shampoos, balms and masks, fixatives, hair removal products, manicure and pedicure products, and various creams, for body and skin.

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The cosmetic products we distribute are useful for young and elderly as well as for babies, skin care being necessary regardless of age. Moreover, prices are accessible to the large public.

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