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Royal-R is engaged in En-gross and En-detail business in Baia Mare since its foundation in 1991.

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At the moment, the retail business focuses on two locations in the city: Garii Street (Royal Mini Shop - open from 07.00 to 22.00) and Revolution Square, no. 5 (Royal Shop - open 24 hours a day, with in-door access between 07.00 and 22.00 and with assisted sale between 22.00 and 07.00).




Our stores provide customers with a wide range of food and non-food items, where one can always find fresh food.
Among the products found in the two stores we mention meat and specialties, frozen products, dairy products, alcoholic beverages, juices and still and mineral water, fruits and vegetables, canned food, cosmetics, cleaning products, sweets, toys, cigarettes, bread and other bakery products.
In addition, customers also benefit of the presence of an additional copy/ print service in A4 or A3 format.

Royal Shop

Last but not least, at Royal Shop you can quickly and easily pay your utility bills - electricity, gas, internet, fixed and mobile telephony - through PayPoint.

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