About Royal-R

Our company was founded in 1991. The first business was in the food and non-food retailing sector. We have successfully developed this business by opening Royal Shop in the new center of Baia Mare and we continue to keep our customers satisfied every day with very good deals.

Because at that time there was a total lack of distribution infrastructure, we have expanded our activities to this new business sector and within 10 years we grew to become a regional leader. However, due to unfavorable market context we had to restructure this activity which we had recently relaunched with a new vision, a new product range, young people, eager for performance.

We have evolved along with the market, we have diversified our product range, we grew our partner base.

Out of passion for Hungarian food we have opened the first Hungarian restaurant in our region, The Budapesta Restaurant. With a lot of work and high quality people and ingredients, we have set a high standard in Hungarian gastronomy and this makes us proud and honored. We continued this line of business by opening The Scottish Pub.

We are always looking for new opportunities, we have a flexible organization and we are looking to build strong relationships with our partners. We always honor our promises to our clients. We use our experience to focus on the future!